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Top 5 Clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza is undoubtedly a great place especially for clubbers during the summer seasons. Ibiza is actually one of the smallest Baelaric islands that turns out to be the most fun filled and entertaining resort and clubbing place from the month of May till September. The clubs in Ibiza are world renowned and are extremely popular among tourists from all over the world.

The top 5 clubs in Ibiza are described below:

To start with, Privilege is one of the biggest clubs in the world (mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records). This club is extremely luxurious with its outstanding interior and astonishing light effects that leave a lifetime impact on your mind. The Privilege club contains a huge swimming pool and a marvellous dance floor as well.

ae sexy is enormously huge and you are likely to lose contact with your friends on your very first visit which may result in your getting lost into its alluring and overwhelming decor and mind-blowing interior. Once here, you will also have the chance to dance on one of the world’s largest dance floors.

Amnesia is another great club in Ibiza which came into being in 1976. Unlike Privilege which is renowned for its huge size and outstanding interior, Amnesia is immensely popular and famous for its marvelous sound system and the effect it creates. A large number of successful patronizers of amnesia make use of its outstanding sound system to create an everlasting impression on its visitors. This clubs encompasses a large greenhouse which consists of various palm trees. The amnesia club also contains several bars and VIP areas.

Pacha was founded in 1973 and over the period of time it has gained immense popularity among tourists and people of Ibiza. During summer months this club is fully packed with visitors from all over the world. This club consists for 5 different musical styles. One of the key features that distinguish Pacha from other clubs is that unlike various other clubs it remains open during the winter season as well. So, you can save out a little money by visiting Ibiza in winters and enjoy your stay in the Pacha club. Pacha club has various apartments, bars, casinos, and hotels in its surrounding areas. Inside the Pacha club, you can see various zones and bars each having an aura of its own.

The next top club in Ibiza is Space. It is renowned as one of the world’s best night club. This club has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the worlds towards itself due to its overwhelming aura and atmosphere. The most distinguishing feature of Space is that it opens up early morning right after the time the other clubs shut down. This feature of the Space club brought about a drastic change in the timings of various others clubs as well.

El Divino is another famous club in Ibiza and was opened in 1992. Initially, this club allowed access to its selected customers only, but later on it opened its doors for everyone. The El Divino club offers high quality house music to its visitors along with a touch of glamor. The interior of the El Divino club is quite attractive and the dance floor is truly amazing.