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Betting in Proposition Sports

Proposition is a bet made on certain special circumstances, with two or more outcomes. Most sports bookies provide a chance to bettors to involve in proposition sports betting. Many bets are also known as exotics, side bets, prop bets and props.

Usually, prop bets don’t involve wagers on outcome of a contest or game. Proposition Super Bowl bets include wagering on who will win the coin toss, whether the coin toss would come up heads or tails, and which team may receive kickoff.


Though exotics include few forms of analysis, some of them are highly chance based rather than picking a game’s winner. Although prop Super Bowl Betting Tips may pay off in a big way, more often, they include dead end wagers. They also are hard to hit with the percentage held by bookmakers staying very high.

Wagers payouts are extremely hefty. However, that is mainly because they are very tough to hit due to the various forces influencing their outcomes and the high range of choices. Certainly, proposition wagering is entertaining and intriguing, and occasional props may be fun to play and it would payoff occasionally.


The under/over is one of the most common props, which means the total number of scored points. Other common props involve the under/over at halftime, the total amount of yards picked up by a running back and the total number of yards thrown by a specific quarterback.

Obviously, such prop bets are difficult to win. Initially, you get six choices to select from. Once a gambler gets more than two outcomes to select from, the probability of hitting the bet diminishes greatly. Additionally, there is very less room for error. Other Super Bowl props include which team would score first, who would catch the first pass and what would be the initial score.